Potato abrasive washing peeling machine

potato abrasive washing peeling machine apply to potatoes carrots taro etc washing and peeling.

Product Details

Welcome to buy the quality and durable potato washing peeling machine at low price from our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers of various machineries in China, we will offer you a discount and the customized service. Please be free to get the cheap equipment from us.

Product description 

Apply to potatoes, carrots, taro etc washing and peeling.

  1. Easy operation with easy cleaning and maintenance.

  2. The machine is made of SUS304 high grade stainless steel and has a long service life

  3. Waterproof power button, safe power shut down switch, the european standard production

  4. Safe operation, suitable for harsh working environment 

  5. This machine has a fixed anti-vibrating design durable 

  6. Special abrasive panel, peeling effect is thorough, clean,easy to replace abrasive board, after maintenance cost is low

  7. Peeling effect is far better than the brush roller pinciple, low loss rate.

  8. Suitable for restaurants, hotel central kitchen, group meals, catering, processing plants

Technical Parameters

Machine demension: 770mm*665mm*925mm

Volume: 35Kg

Capacity: 300-500Kg/H

Voltage: 380V/220V 50Hz

Power: 1.5KW

Weight: 135Kg


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