Peach Canned Process Production Line Processing Requirements And The Use Of Advantages

This article focuses on the Peach canned process production line processing requirements and the use of advantages.

Product Details

Canned craft production line in the production equipment properly connected, so that it will effectively reduce the formation of assembly line labor, to maximize the mechanized operation, the entire production line with high degree of automation and high production efficiency advantages, canning process line in the process of processing Can be used directly for different brands of tin canning, degassing, sterilization, cooling process of the technical requirements and parameters, and with a number of fruits, vegetables and other processing enterprises to establish a long-term relationship.

Peach canned process production line is one of the complete set of equipment for canned processing equipment. It has many advantages such as high efficiency, safety, hygiene and new design in the process of production and is more humane than other products on the market. During use, the operator must strictly follow the instructions of the relevant product.

Peach canning process operations can include: raw material selection, cutting, digging, stripping, rinsing, pre-cooking, trimming, canning, venting, sealing, sterilization and cooling. Start raw material selection: Select the maturity of 8.5, fresh, full, no pests, mechanical damage, high-quality yellow peach 5cm in diameter or more.

Peach cut, dig nuclear: The yellow peaches cut in half, cut in half. Yellow peach dip in 2% saline to protect the color. Through digging, dig out peach yellow peach, and excavated peach smooth and oval, but can not dig too much or broken, red flesh can stay. Peel and rinse: the peach slices are evenly extended to the center of the machine wire mesh, the peel completely covered by lye;

Peach canned food production line pre-cook, the main is to wash the lye 0.1% citric acid solution, 90 ~ 100 ℃ heating 2 to 5 minutes, peach block is translucent. Immediately after blanching with cold water cooling, dressings and cans, yellow peach spots on the surface, except with a sharp knife on the peach spots. Restored peaches should be installed according to different colors and sizes, clean, the number of containers shall not be less than 55% of net weight.

Peach canning process of the exhaust line, the seal is mainly in the exhaust box hot exhaust, to the center temperature of 75 ℃ can be immediately sealed. Or vacuum exhaust, the degree of vacuum 0.03 ~ 0.04; sterilization, cooling in boiling water sterilization 10 ~ 20min, and then cooled to about 38 ℃.


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