Fruit Jam Production Line Small Scale Fruit Processing Equipment

Fruit Jam Production Line Introduction The first part: the promotion system of the original fruit, the cleaning system, the sorting system, the broken system, the preheating system, the beating system, the vacuum concentration system, the sterilization system, the aseptic bag filling system The...

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Fruit Jam Production Line Introduction

The first part: the promotion system of the original fruit, the cleaning system, the sorting system, the broken system, the preheating system, the beating system, the vacuum concentration system, the sterilization system, the aseptic bag filling system

The second part: pumping pump → deployment tank → homogenization → degreasing → sterilizer → washing machine (bottle) machine → filling machine → capping machine (capping machine) → tunnel spray sterilizer → dryer → Pen Maji → boxing


Fruit Jam Production Line Description

1.Packing: 5-220L sterile sack drums, tin cans, plastic bags, glass bottles and so on

2.Final product concentration: Brix 28-30%, 30-32% cold break and heat break, 36-38%


3.The whole line advantages:

a. Scraper-type spray hoist: the use of stainless steel stent, food grade rigid plastic or stainless steel scraper, anti-card smooth scraper seepage structure; imported anti-corrosion bearings, double-sided seal; with variable speed motor Frequency control, low operating costs.

b. Crusher: the integration of Italian technology, multiple sets of cross-blade structure, broken size can be adjusted according to customer or specific project requirements, relative to the traditional structure to effectively increase the juice juice yield 2-3%, production onion sauce, carrot sauce, red pepper Sauce, apple sauce and other fruits and vegetables sauce fruit and vegetable products.

c. double beater: tapered mesh structure and gap with load adjustable, frequency control, so that the juice is more clean; internal mesh aperture according to customer or specific project requirements for custom.

d. Evaporator: single-effect, two-effect, three-effect and multi-effect evaporator, there will be no raw material when the big horse pull car phenomenon, saving energy; in a vacuum state, continuous low temperature cycle heating, the material evaporates at low temperature Moisture, so as to maximize the protection of nutrients in the material as well as the original; there are two times the condensate and a number of steam recovery system, thus reducing the steam consumption.

e. sterilization machine: access to nine patented technology, make full use of the material's own heat exchange to achieve energy-saving purposes, about 40% energy saving.

f. Filling machine: the use of Italian technology, sub-single and double-headed, continuous filling, reduce the return; use of steam injection for sterilization, to ensure that the state of filling, filling the product at room temperature for more than two years ; In the filling process using turntable lifting mode, to avoid the phenomenon of secondary pollution products.


Pre-sale Service

The company provides the entire line of the project design and development, manufacturing, installation commissioning, technical training and after-sales service. We can according to the customer's formula and raw materials to recommend you choose the most suitable machine, free of charge to provide pre-sales technical support consulting, and in accordance with your beautiful strategic vision combined with the actual conditions of the factory to make a scientific and rational system design and planning program to To ensure that the project is scientific and efficient. At the same time we can introduce customers to raw materials suppliers, such as bottles, labels and so on. Welcome to our production workshop to learn how our engineers produce. We can customize the machine according to your actual needs, and our engineers come to install your machine for your factory, train your operation and repair workers. If you are in any way, please feel free to contact us.

1.The overall layout of the factory layout

2.The production workshop layout

3.Installation and commissioning of the production process and process parameters to confirm


Our Advantage

1.KaiYi professional production of fruit juice processing equipment, adhering to the "widely absorbed abroad, the domestic independent innovation" concept, at home and abroad more than one hundred and ten fruit juice production line, the formation of the company's unique, high-end configuration of the technical style , Advanced technology, equipment and stable operation;

2.Our equipment production line with domestic and foreign advanced technology to produce and design, equipment, versatility, a machine more useful, easy to people in consumption, eating habits change the product when the modified. Production line can effectively adapt to the needs of multi-species production;

3.All the equipment in the system is made of stainless steel (direct contact with the raw materials), which is into the modern processing technology. The entire process of design and pipe connection is done in the engineer's fine calculation setting, combined with the original natural aroma ingredients of fruits and vegetables, keeping the cooling, heat treatment and transmission in a very short distance and time to complete, effectively preventing the flavoring substance Heat loss; while reducing the high temperature conditions of the oxidation reaction to the quality of the loss. The entire production line from the material broken, cooking separation, concentration, sterilization to aseptic filling are carried out in a fully enclosed environment. Limit the retention of the original flavor and nutrients;

4.The control part of the operation using automatic control system, automatic fault alarm system, a full range of security mechanisms to protect the safety of equipment and personnel; all electrical control system components are from internationally renowned brands, such as Siemens, Omron,

5.Production line steam control type (very important, related to the quality of the product) are from the world famous brand, simple control, high reliability, effective guarantee of different batches of high quality products and balance.


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