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What Are The Advantages Of The High Efficiency Crusher?

Nov 21, 2017

AUPU has launched various high efficiency crushers. They can provide the

work efficiency, reduce energy consumption and production cost in the use process. In order to better understand the advantages of AUPU high efficiency crushers, first we need to learn from its composition, principle and extensive use.

The high efficiency crusher is mainly composed of worm and gear reduction motor, case, rack, combined helical tooth cutter head, drive shaft, driven shaft, large gear, small gear and other parts. At the same time, it also has dust removal device, the production process of dust pollution hazards to the lowest, so in the use of the process, it will reflect the low noise, no pollution, simple operation, easy maintenance and other advantages.

The operation of the high efficiency crusher uses the basic principle of the motor to drive the wind wheel extrusion. Driven by the high speed and high torque motor, the broken objects can be fully and effectively finely divided into the crushing chamber, and will be torn to the size of the broken pieces. The whole process has the characteristics of high production, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and uniform fine discharging.

The use of this kind of high efficiency crusher is quite extensive. It can not only be used for the crushing treatment of various steel cuttings, copper scales, aluminium scraps, iron scurfs and so on, but also can tear the breadboard in the easy processing shape dimension. At the same time, it can greatly reduce the volume of the cutting. The cutting can continuously feed, and also can batch intermittently feed. 

So the AUPU high efficiency crusher is very suitable for the centralized treatment of the cutting in the fixed place, which is easy to the subsequent processing of the cutting. It can reduce the cutting volume and save the storage space. In addition, the machine drive device is equipped with safety electric protection, which can prevent accidental failure causing damage to the equipment.