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The Requirements For Hot And Cold Allocation And Concentration Of The Pear Juice Processing Line

Nov 25, 2017

The main steps of the pear juice processing line include receiving, pretreatment, pear crushing, pear juice system, pear juice processing system, pear juice sterilization and sterile filling system. If producing the  concentrated juice, the concentration device needs to be added. Pear juice concentrate is used as the raw material to make pear juice beverage. The juice is restored before the juice is concentrated, adding a proper amount of water to make the concentrated juice soluble and dilute.

Pear juice processing line can be sent into the preparation drum, and then add other auxiliary materials, mixing with water, constant volume, allocating according to the different concentration requirements of the finished products. According to the production requirements of pear juice, there are two production routes of hot allocation and cold allocation .

The requirements for hot and cold allocation of the pear juice processing line

The pear juice processing line uses the hot allocation, normal temperature allocation, and it can be used in a single tank. According to the different filling form, the production of fruit juice beverage can be divided into hot filling, normal temperature filling and low temperature filling. The filling form determines the sterilization technology.

The process flow of pear juice beverage production line is roughly: Sugar melting- allocation - constant volume - sterilization - filling - post-treatment. The hot filling technology needs to do the secondary sterilization and cooling treatment after cooling. The production line can be used to produce a variety of different juice drinks. the specific concentration of beverage can be designed in full compliance with customer requirements.

The pear juice processing line

1. Pulp type: Adverse current multiple-effect concentration equipment, sorting fruit production line, softening equipment, multichannel beater, high temperature instant sterilizer, fruit washing machine, fruit crusher, large bag sterile filling sealing machine.


2. Clear juice type: High temperature instant sterilizer, sorting fruit production line, juice extractor, prefilter equipment, enzymatic clarification equipment, ultrafiltration apparatus, multiple-effect concentration equipment, fruit washing machine, fruit crusher, initial enzymolysis equipment, high temperature instant sterilization machine, large bag sterile filling sealing machine.


3. Beverage type: Mcronization equipment, homogenizer, high temperature instant sterilization, dispensing equipment, degasser, bottle washing - filling - sealing equipment ( PET bottles, cans, etc. ).