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Separation Technology And Performance Characteristics Of Automatic Fruit Photoelectric Separation System

Mar 01, 2019

As a kind of modern fruit sorting technology, the automatic fruit photoelectric sorting system mainly includes on-line, cleaning, coating, drying, sorting, packing and other assembly line procedures, of which sorting is the core and the part that has developed rapidly and applied more modern technologies in recent years.This selection line adopts computer image processing instead of manual sorting, which can automatically sort the shape, size, color and external defects of fruits according to the requirements of users, greatly improving the work efficiency.

Automatic fruit photoelectric sorting system adopts modern automatic image processing sorting system, which is generally composed of camera, non-damage detection device, conveyor belt, computer and electrical control system.In the fruit sorting, the fruit is located on the conveyor belt, and the camera is arranged on the upper and the periphery of the conveyor belt, and the damage detection device is installed on both sides of the conveyor belt.The general sorting operation is completed when the fruit is processed by a camera.

If the automatic fruit photoelectric sorting system wants to know more about the internal quality, it can measure the index of sugar and acidity through the non-damage detection device.The cleaning and coating part cleans the dust, pesticide residues and other foreign dirt on the surface of the fruit, sprays the wax on the surface of the fruit, and is polished by the brush roller, so as to extend the freshness time of the fruit.Suitable for the selection of fruit and vegetable varieties: apple, pear, citrus, kiwi, mango, apricot, jujube and all kinds of vegetables.Performance characteristics of automatic fruit photoelectric sorting system

1. Advanced computer image processing system, friendly operation interface.

2. Overall grading according to the size, shape, color and defect of the fruit (depending on the selected variety).

3. The treated fruits have bright colors and consistent specifications.

4. Fast and accurate sorting according to customer requirements.