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Processing Technology And Trend Of NFC Fruit And Vegetable Juice

Mar 19, 2018

Processing technology and trend of NFC fruit and vegetable juice

The products of fruit and vegetable juice industry in China mainly rely on Juices from concentrate (FC). There are such problems as over processing, high temperature sterilization and deterioration, new product development lag, fruit and vegetable juice adulteration and other issues, which has restricted the healthy development of the industry, and there has been no increase in sales volume for many years. From the change of global fruit and vegetable juice market, fruit and vegetable juice is undergoing transformation and upgrading. Juices not from concentrate (NFC) has become the main type of fruit and vegetable juice, and the new processing technology represented by ultra-high pressure technology has promoted the upgrading of fruit and vegetable juice industry. The current situation of fruit and vegetable juice processing and the application status of ultra-high pressure technology at home and abroad were analyzed. A new technology of "super high pressure plus" for fruit and vegetable juice was developed based on ultra-high pressure technology. The sterilization effect and quality change of the super high pressure processing fruit vegetable juice were studied.


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College of food science and nutrition engineering, China Agricultural University

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