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Process Requirements And Water Temperature Of Automatic Vacuum Degassing Unit

Mar 04, 2019

Automatic vacuum degassing unit is also known as vacuum degassing device and vacuum degassing tank during operation. It is used for degassing homogenized juice in vacuum state to prevent the oxidation of juice and extend the storage period of juice.

The fully automatic vacuum degassing unit has solved the degassing problem of the whole system to a certain extent. According to Henry's law, the solubility of gas in water is related to water temperature and pressure, which is proportional to the pressure of the gas.Under certain pressure, water temperature decreases, gas solubility increases, water temperature increases, and gas solubility decreases.When the pressure on the water surface is reduced, the dissolved gas can be separated out at a lower water temperature, so as to remove the gas in the water.

Automatic vacuum degassing unit as long as the contact with the juice part are made of high quality stainless steel and hard rubber, the main components of the: check valve, nozzle, barrel body, top cover and other components of the control valve, floodlight, depending on the hole, when use as long as open the vacuum pump of form a complete set off the tank of air material from the inlet self-priming tank at the same time, when the material to a certain position, control valve automatic control of material, so vacuum takes off angry machine can observe and control the feeding speed from the lens, when the tank vacuum meet the process requirements can be exported from material extraction material, as long as you maintain the balance of the vacuum degree and front-rear, can continuous production.